jeudi 18 septembre 2008

Premiers commentaires de la presse européenne sur Fragile Equality

“Sensational, fresh and up-to-date power metal with haunting melodies and charismatic appeal. My album of the year 2008 so far!” (Rock Hard)

"A definitive must-have for lovers of Helloween´s “Keeper…” times and early Angra!” (Metal Hammer)

“A hurricane of positive power, delight in playing and pure, first class melodic metal. Highly recommendable!” (Rock It)

“If you like Masterplan and Angra, you will love “Fragile Fragility” from ALMAH. 10 songs, 10 killers! Best power metal album released in 2008!” (Heavy)

“Angra meets Masterplan and Kamelot. Melodic, powerful, intense, progressive - this album has it all! (Break Out)

“Outstanding songwriting, perfect musical skills and the voice of Edu Falaschi in the best shape of his career make this a must have Far better than their first album!” (Hardline)

Vivement la sortie de l'album !!!

Pour plus d'infos : Blog Officiel Marcelo Barbosa

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